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Episode 11: Talking Security with Microsoft’s Misfit Geek Joe Stagner

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About This Episode

At DevLink 2008 Keith and Woody sat down with Joe Stagner to discuss security best practices for software developers.  Along the way many different ideas and topics came up like comparing a security development expert to a professional prize fighter.  Listen as Joe relates how his IT law enforcement background helped him build his vision of keeping the Bad Hackers out of  applications and systems.

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Joe Stagner, Microsoft’s Opinionated Misfit Geek,  joined Microsoft in 2001 as an ISV Development Technical Advisor and is now a Senior Program Manager on the Developer Tools & Platforms Team. His development experiences have afforded him the opportunity to create commercial software applications across a wide diversity of technical platforms from Mainframes, through UNIX and Linux, to Microsoft Technologies on the Intel and Mobile computing platforms. In recent years, Joe has been focused on Highly-Performant, Geoscalable web application architectures, multi-platform interoperability (especially PHP) and writing secure code.

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#1 AlanBarber on 9.08.2008 at 3:40 PM

Great show guys! I loved the discussion about hacks at the end. Very funny stuff!

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