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Episode 14: LINQ’ing the Future of Development with Jim Wooley

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About This Episode

The latest version of the .Net Framework includes a technology called LINQ.  Developers are digging their teeth into it and Deep Fried Bytes is here to help with them work out the KINQs in LINQ.  Keith and Woody sit down with Jim Wooley and discuss the truths, gotchas and a few rusty washers about LINQ.

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Jim is a Microsoft MVP and has been working with .Net since the initial PDC bits in 2000, releasing his first application 1 week before the .Net 1.0 go-live. He has been active evangelizing LINQ since it's announcement in 2005. Jim is actively involved in the Atlanta developer community and is a frequent speaker. He is a co-author of the recently released “LINQ in Action”

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#1 Ervin Kosch on 11.10.2008 at 8:24 AM

LINQ is a great technology but recently Microsoft said that they're ending the development life cycle of LINQ and will be replaced by the Entity Framework in .NET 4.0. Since LINQ appears to be effectively dead in the water, could you get Jim Wooley back on to comment on the possible (if any) future of LINQ?

#2 keithelder on 11.10.2008 at 9:01 AM

Hi Ervin,

LINQ is not dead Ervin. I think you are confusing one small segment of LINQ which is LINQ to SQL with Entity Framework. LINQ is a general technology, it isn't going anywhere. Event LINQ to SQL may not be going anywhere, the official word is the team is thinking about it, and taking community feedback.

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