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Episode 24: Chatting about F# with Chris Smith and Dustin Campbell

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About This Episode

Keith and Woody found an old friend Dustin Campbell and a new friend Chris Smith at PDC 2008 to sit down and chat about F#, Functional Programming and Chris’ upcoming F# book.

Thanks to our guest this episode


Chris Smith works as a Software Design Engineer in Test at Microsoft, where he spends his time making sure F# is the most awesome programming language ever.

Chris’ blog is


Dustin Campbell is a program manager in the Visual Studio Managed Languages group at Microsoft where he works primarily on the Visual Basic IDE experience. Before joining Microsoft, he developed much of the low-level plumbing of the award-winning CodeRush and Refactor! products at Developer Express. A regular speaker, Dustin is a noted authority in many advanced areas of the Microsoft .NET Framework and dives deep “under the hood” of any technology that he works with. Dustin is a language nut.

Dustin’s blog is


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#1 Art Scott on 1.17.2009 at 11:13 AM

Good to hear, F# fun forrrsurrre ... now I've got a voices and pictures to put with the blog text.

All you guys talking and Luca B would be a laugh fest.

Maybe we'll get that interview as VS2010 F# rolls out.

#2 Ben on 1.20.2009 at 4:20 PM

No offense, but adding "..., right?" to each and every sentence makes my head explode. I know that basically every other swiss guy does the same ("..., oder?", literally "or?", but used just like "right?") and that's already driving me crazy. The content, the meat of the talk is interesting and great. But _very_ hard to follow.

#3 David on 1.24.2009 at 2:02 PM

Is there a way to not have to start the whole interview over if you leave the page?

#4 keithelder on 1.28.2009 at 9:43 AM


I agree, but I chalk it up to nerves. Honestly I've done the same thing before so I can't cast any stones. I can tell you that knowing Chris the way I do, he speaks very well and doesn't do that in normal conversation.


I don't think there is David. If I might make a suggestion, subscribe to the shows feed in iTunes or Zune and you'll have a much better experience. Also some RSS readers will play the shows locally as well.

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