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Episode 41: Developing Better User Experiences with Internet Explorer 8 with Jon Box

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About This Episode

Want to learn why you should look at the Internet Explorer 8 for developing better user experiences? We have just the guy to explain and give ideas around the new features of Internet Explorer 8. In this episode, Keith and Woody sit down with Jon Box, Microsoft Architect Evangelist, to get the scoop on how to use Accelerators, Web Slices and Search Providers in IE8 to keep users informed and updated.

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Jon Box joined Microsoft as an Architect Evangelist with 20+ years in software development in 2006. He has worked in a variety of environments and languages that include COBOL, Assembler, Clipper, C, C++ (Borland, ATL, MFC, Win32, COM/DCOM), VB5/VB6, and .NET. Before joining Microsoft, Jon was the Microsoft Regional Director for Memphis and a Microsoft MVP (Solution Architect). He also spent the previous six years employed at Microsoft partners doing training, course development, writing, presenting, consulting, and management. Jon co-founded the Memphis .NET Users Group, presented at past DevDays and TechEd, gave MSDN webcasts, and spoke at other Microsoft and INETA sponsored events. In addition to several whitepapers on MSDN on .NET and mobility, Jon co-authored Building Solutions with the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework back in 2004. He also served as the Mobility Editor for the ".NET Developers Journal". Now, Jon lives to help architects leverage the Microsoft platform to build game-changing system innovation. Jon has a more detailed bio on his MSDN blog, Out Of The Box


Jon can be reached via his website:



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#1 Phil on 12.07.2009 at 5:17 PM

My biggest problem with this podcast is that Box is trying to sell IE 8. I do not think anyone listening to this podcast needs to be convince to use it- we have client/customers that make us need to use it regardless of how good we think it is or whether or not it passes the ACID test. We need to know how we can use the features of IE 6,7 and 8 in our apps.

#2 Ryan Riley on 12.07.2009 at 5:57 PM

I agree with Phil, and I found Jon's point on Acid 3 ridiculous. 1) No client is going to talk about Acid 3. 2) All the other major browser makers are working towards Acid 3 without complaint. While MS has made great strides with IE8, they are still a very long way off the mark from the rest of the pack. Jon's response will likely make most developers up their push to get their clients off IE entirely, not move them up to IE8.

Customers want a product. They could care less about Acid 3, sure. However, developers do care and are responsible for delivering products. IE8 is just not a developer friendly platform. The extras for regular web users don't really help developers, and I know very few of those users who use any of the addons for IE8. Those who use addons use FireFox, as it is best known for those.

In summary, IE is losing on both fronts. It's still used so much purely because most people don't know any better or have no choice. To try to defend any other position is sheer arrogance. If IE wants to play catch up to at least FireFox in terms of CSS support, SVG, and JS performance.

#3 Jon Box on 1.12.2010 at 10:11 AM

Phil and Ryan, thank you for you comments. I didn't say that ACID3 was not important. I only pointed out that my corporate customers that I talk to are not asking about this, and that there are some political issues related to this topic. However, it is my understanding that the IE team is looking at this, and IE9 development has supposedly made strides towards this number, per the PDC keynote.

Ryan, interesting points. And yes, the IE team is aware of these sentiments. However, I will be sending these too. I too personally want the product to do well, be a good player, and have the value to make it a winning and competitive product.

The point of this conversation for me was to make folks more aware of the new IE8 capabilities - accelerators, web slices, and visual search. I hope that you will take a look at these.

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