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Episode 59: Moving Applications to the Cloud on Windows Azure

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About This Episode

In this episode Woody sat down two members of the Patterns & Practices Cloud Guidance team at Microsoft to discuss Azure and the ways to get legacy applications to the Cloud. Also discussed during the interview was SQL Azure and Identity and Security in Azure.

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Thanks to our guests this episode


Scott is a Developer Lead in the patterns & practices group at Microsoft. He led the development team that created that group’s recently released guides covering the Windows Azure platform. Before that he worked in the Enterprise Library project and the team that built Codeplex.

Scott’s Blog is

Scott can be found on Twitter at


Eugenio is a Senior Program Manager in the patterns & practices group at Microsoft. His current focus in the team is application development for the cloud and, identity federation and access control. Before that he worked in the Platform Architecture Team at Microsoft, focusing solely on Software as a Service (SaaS).

Eugenio’s Blog is

Eugenio can be found on Twitter at

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