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Episode 8: Behind the Scenes at

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About This Episode

Learn how the operations team meets the demands for one of the top 5 websites on the Internet today.  The team supports the server product teams at Microsoft by "dogfooding" products such as Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and IIS7 years before being released to customers.  Keith and Woody sit down with Brad LeRoss and Jim Dobbin of the MSCOM team discuss the architecture and infrastructure, history of the team, the process of content delivery and a few funny stories.

Thanks to our guests this episode

 LeRossBrad_75x100 Brad LeRoss, Group Manager, runs a team of database engineers that are responsible for the database systems that run He and his team provide architectural guidance, drive operational efficiencies, deploy, and support database solutions. His team also strives to showcase Microsoft’s database platform and solutions for customers, and other operations teams. Prior to his current role, Brad worked in Microsoft Services to ensure SQL Server training and readiness content was available for the Microsoft field. Before that Brad worked as a database administrator supporting Microsoft’s internal IT systems. Brad joined Microsoft in 1996 and has experience with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server in enterprise environments.
Jim Dobbins Jim Dobbin is the manager of the Operations Debug Team supporting the various sites that make up  He has been at Microsoft since 1998.  Prior to working with MSCOM operations he worked on Microsoft’s PSS Critical Problem Resolution team as an Escalation Engineer.


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