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Episode 95: The Developer Experience of Internet Explorer 11

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About This Episode

In this episode, Keith and Woody sits down with Tobin Titus from the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft to discuss Internet Explorer’s new developer experience.

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Tobin Titus is a Program Manager on the Internet Explorer Engineering team and is responsible for making IE fast. Tobin has been at Microsoft since early 2006, working first on the server side of HTTP with the Internet Information Services team, then moving to the Internet Explorer team in late 2011. Tobin is active in community events such as JavaScript game developer conferences, Code Camps, and other user-driven code-centric events. When Tobin isn't measuring how fast something can be displayed to a screen, you can find him testing the performance limits of his Formula Performance Cruiser, Skipping Town, while cruising on Lake Washington or in the Puget Sound.

Tobin can be found on Twitter at

Tobin’s blog can be found at

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#1 Matthew Wills on 11.16.2013 at 11:11 PM

Keep up the great work.

Looking forward to the next episode.

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